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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Janna Gray is Tooting her Horn!

Janna Gray as every good reason to toot her horn……

“A message from my publisher, the lovely Kitty Denise Honeycutt Bullard: "I just wanted to let you know that your book has been chosen to go on Netgalley this month! I'm so excited. Your title will be available in NetGalley’s online catalogue for 6 months plus inclusion in one dedicated emailing to all 90,000+ NetGalley reviewers.This will go a long way to getting you some great reviews most of which are posted on Amazon!"

Isn't this brilliant? I am delighted! 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Number One for Sleeping People Lie

Jae De Wylde got quite a shock when she logged on last week...

How incredible! I logged on to Goodreads at the weekend and there they were, sitting pretty: Sleeping People Lie at #1 and The Thinking Tank at #18 on the Best Books To Read While Travelling chart. Smashing news to tell folks at my book signing in Peterborough last Saturday!

And how brilliant that, together with Janna’s Gray’s fab novel, Kilingiri, three of Strictly Sagas' novels are in the top twenty – and have been for quite a while now. Just goes to show that when you head abroad, you can’t beat a great saga to keep you company, come rain or shine.

I am delighted that so many of my readers have loved travelling with my novels. I can just see you all, perhaps curled up in front of the fire in a country cottage in Devon or lying toasting on a beach in exotic climes – or maybe just whiling away the hours in an airport or train.

But wherever my books have been your companions, near or far, I just want to say a huge thank you for tucking them into your luggage. It’s a great chart to be on, with Paris and New York (as well as good old Stamford, England) the locations for Sleeping People Lie and Rutland and the south of Spain the settings for The Thinking Tank, its lovely to know that travel-minded people have plucked them from the shelves.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Mary Wood - The Breckton Saga

A warm welcome to Mary Wood, a top selling saga writer who join Strictly Sagas.

Born in Kent to a large family I was poor in money, but rich in love. My parents were a miss-match that worked.

My mother came from an upper-middle class family and had the benefit of a good education and dad an east end barrow boy, who could have achieved things had the system been in place for the lower classes at the time.  Instead he went to war at the age of fourteen, saying he was older.

The powers that be must have known, but they were willing to take him and others like him into the bloodiest conflict the world has ever been involved in, the so called ‘Great War’, and to sacrifice their youth, their sanity and, in the case of millions - their lives.

I was born with the urge to write - I come from writing stock.  My great grandmother (maternal) was a published writer in the nineteenth century, so…  I just have to write… and this was nurtured by my mother’s large collection of books, mostly classics that she treasured and I read – from a much younger age than maybe I should have done, given the content of books such as Charles Dickens wrote. To me they were escapism and fed my imagination so that in my own mind I could go to a world I created for myself that was better than the one I was in at the time.

My teachers used to try to curtail my enthusiasm a little as they were tired of receiving a whole novel when they set me a title for a composition.  They acknowledged my talent, but resources and their time couldn’t keep up with me.  

After a career that was first changeable as I worked in various jobs to fit in with bringing up my family, the last ten years of my working life was spent in the Probation Service. I am now a full-time writer, living in Spain.

I have been married for 50 years.  How about that?  First time lucky and received my gold medal. We have four wonderful children who have given us grandchildren and great grandchildren, life is full of love and I am a very lucky lady.

My first published book, An Unbreakable Bond, is the first of a trilogy I have named, ‘The Breckton Trilogy’ after the fictional Yorkshire mining town which is the setting of all three novels, Tomorrow Brings Sorrow is a sequel and To Catch a Dream a prequel, which can be read first or last, it is the reader’s choice.  This year I published a spin-off novel, Time Passes Time.

The books have been described as Catherine Cookson colliding with Downton Abbey as they depict life from both sides of the class system of the era, and show how the actions and decisions of the rich impact on the poor.

In my books I deal with life in its raw state, in particular, the diminished role of, and lack of respect of, women at a time when it was considered there was no such thing as rape and domestic violence was considered a man’s right to keep his missus in check. 

My books are all best sellers in their genre on Kindle UK, something I am very proud of and is the reaching of my dream – best wishes, Mary. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kilingiri Makes Number One Slot!

Janna Gray talks about the excitement of Kilingiri hitting number one in Goodreads

Quite by chance I discovered someone  ( I’d love to know who!) had voted for Kilingiri on Goodreads ‘Best Books To Read While Travelling’ and after spreading the news and hinting wildly that a few more votes would elevate the book from its lowly 98th position, I was gobsmacked by the response.  Kilingiri has been sitting pretty at the Number One spot for a few days now and so delighted was I, I sent a photo of the chart to my mother to prove that the hassles she went to to vote was a huge help!

Kilingiri is a great book to read while travelling as the story crosses two continents – Asia and Europe – and introduces readers to or reminds them of their experiences in the countries in which the plot unfolds.  As I went to school in India, visited Kashmir, Ireland and France and lived in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, I was able to draw on my memories of these locations  and back them up with photographs (sadly now faded … they were taken in the pre-digital era!) and diaries.  When writing Kilingiri I loved describing the locations; it was like a trip down memory lane when my husband and I looked through the photo albums and remembered our wonderful holidays in some amazing places. (But none of them involved prison or attacks by crazed druggies, I hasten to add!)

Feedback from readers has been marvellous – ‘This is a beautiful painting of a book, its exotic location magnificently woven…’, Janna Gray’s Kilingiri was a phenomenal read that tantalizes you with the scenery but really comes through with the characters and the story. You won’t want to miss this book, but be ready to want to travel to the far corners of the world that Janna describes so eloquently.’

I am aware that tomorrow or in a week’s time, another author’s wonderful work will topple Kilingiri off the top spot, but the thrill while it lasted has been grand. I am so grateful to the lovely people who took time out of their busy lives to vote for the book, especially the ones who are not technical and spent ages struggling to register their choice! Writers, particularly those new to the world of publishers and bookshops, Kindles, Nooks and Smashwords thrive on support and praise and I feel doubly blessed and very grateful that Kilingiri has been validated so wonderfully these past few days.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Charton Minster Trilogy by Margaret James

This is a series of three novels about the Denham family who live in the beautiful English county of Dorset. The stories follow the lives of rich, beautiful but over-protected heiress Rose Courtenay and comparatively poor, illegitimate and already married Alex Denham from the point at which they fall in love to the time they have grown-up children of their own. The series spans the years 1914 to 1946.

As you can imagine, falling for a married pauper was not what Rose’s parents had in mind for their only child. They would have preferred her to marry their neighbour’s good-looking son who is also the heir of a baronet. But Rose is a strong-willed, determined girl, and when war breaks out in 1914 she gets the chance to assert her independence from her family.

Bad decisions tend to have fairly disastrous knock-on effects. Rose and Alex make some spectacularly bad decisions.  They hurt other people and are punished for the harm they’ve done. But they also touch many people’s lives in a good way, they learn from their mistakes, and they continue to love each other in spite of everything.

If you love Downton Abbey, you’ll adore The Charton Minster Trilogy, which combines the three original novels – The Silver Locket, The Golden Chain and The Penny Bangle – in one Kindle download.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Meet Chris Longmuir Author of a Salt Splashed Cradle

Chris Longmuir joins Strictly Sagas with her top selling historical novel, A Salt Splashed Cradle

I won the Dundee International Book Prize in 2009 with my first crime novel. The prizewinning novel, Dead Wood, was published by Polygon and was so successful that the first print run sold out within four months.
Night Watcher is my second crime novel and is now published as a Kindle edition ebook. I have also published a historical saga, A Salt Splashed Cradle, set in a Scottish fishing community, and two books of short stories - Obsession & Other Stories, and Gost Train & Other Stories. I also write short stories and historical articles for magazines which are published in the UK and the US. I am currently working on a further two crime novels. I am fascinated by electronic gadgets of all types and descriptions and am never happier than when experimenting with new hardware and software. I designed and put up my own website and build computers in my spare time. I describes herself as being a bit of a techno-geek.”

A Salt Splashed Cradle 

This historical saga is set in a Scottish fishing village in the 1830’s and reflects the living conditions and the morals of the ordinary fisher folk of that time.
The novel follows the relationships of Belle, her husband, Jimmie, her daughter Sarah, her mother-in-law, Annie, and the rest of the Watt family.
James and Annie Watt are a typical fisher family, and Annie is horrified when Jimmie, her eldest son, brings Belle to the village as his new bride. She makes her displeasure obvious to Belle who struggles to find acceptance in the village. Belle is engaged in a losing battle however, because the villagers regard her as
An incomer.
Jimmie, anxious to buy his own boat, leaves the fishing village to sail with a whaling ship. The story follows him to the Arctic, and on a whale hunt, before he returns home again.
Meanwhile in his absence, Belle has fallen for the charms of Lachlan, the Laird’s son, and embarks on a tempestuous affair with him. When Jimmie returns she struggles with her feelings for him and for Lachlan.
By this time the women in the village are starting to regard Belle as a Jezebel who will tempt their men away. A mood of hysteria engulfs them and they turn against Belle, in an attempt to force her out of the village.
What will Belle do?
And will she survive?

Thursday, 9 May 2013

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